Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Just a thought

 I have been thinking about this for a very long time and I wonder how many other people have thought about it besides myself so here goes. We see more and more drugs on the streets and children popping pills or smoking weed to their hearts content and we wonder what has gone wrong with our country so badly that our children are lost to such a death habit. It is so easy for the government to blame the parent or the crowds that our children run with, I mean of course "who else could there be to blame"? I mean heaven forbid we blame the government who threatens to take our children if we spank them "spanking is not beating" there is a difference. The government has allowed the children to call all the shots in their raising. We have to worry about our children going to school or a friends house and say they were beat when they were merely spanked. When all is said and done the government will also blame you when your child is out of control and then that will yet give them another reason to do as they wish with your child. Along with this you also have teachers wanting and even at times making you take your child to the doctor because, well they are children and some cannot sit still for eight hours through the day. I am not young but I am also not that old and I never remember seeing so many children doped up in school like they are now. And then you have doctors telling you that they need to medicate your child until their liver or kidneys are fried to please these teachers. Once again if you do not do as the school wants and drug your child then there you go again fighting to keep your child. What is a wrong with this picture? I think a lot! If you think about it we are raising children to become drug addicts at the beckon of our schools and government. Yes there are parents out there that leads their children down such a path but there are more that do not. 

  Think about it this way, you have a child who is hyper "meaning moving around in their school seats" so the teacher tells you they need medicine to be calm "another wards a mummy" and you have to get them these meds or they will not be able to teach them. In the past the parent could say that they do not want their child medicated but now we do as the teacher wants or we end up regretting it "the school will make sure of that", we have no choices now on how our child should be raised! So now back to the point, our children have now been put on meds and told their whole lives that a pill will answer all of their problems but when they are eighteen they can no longer have the medication they have been told their whole lives that they need so they can "be good and do what they need to do to be successful" so what do they do? They go out and find the cheapest thing that they can find! Pills from a pill head "that we created also" or pot! Now they can be calm, now they can do what they need to do, now they can be successful, but in reality they are going down a dark alley that they sometimes will never recover from. Once the pills or pot no longer works they move on to bigger things and better highs. It was the way the government told them since childhood was the right way. Oh yes there will be some who says that is a crock but then there will be others who will see it is not such a crock when they open up their minds and really give it thought. 

  I as a parent was made to put my nine year old on pills "to be calmer" and now her liver is screwed up by those pills. I have been made to compromise my daughters health so a teacher can have an easier day. I know she is hyper "I live with her" but her health should not have to be compromised so the school does not have to deal with her. I have an idea, lets allow parents to raise their child and give them a spanking if nothing else works "not beating" and leave the drugs out of the picture! Here is another idea, if you cannot handle a less than perfect child then don't go to school and waste your money to be a teacher. Some of us parents would rather a hyper child instead of a dead one! Here is an idea, lets go back twenty years and do what parents were allowed to do then so we can help solve the drug epidemic and school shootings! How about this, lets stop paying doctors for every prescription that they write so maybe they will not be so pill happy. So the next time the government or school tells you that you cannot spank or to put your child on meds ask yourself this, do I really want to add to the problem? Do I really want to create my own drug addict? Am I the parent, or are they? 

Just a thought!!  

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