Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Faded away

It must be autumn
but yet there are no colors
brightly showing through the hill crest.
It must be autumn,
because everything has faded away in a rush!

I can feel the the bite of coldness
running down my veins.
It must be winter, why is everything so green?
It has to be winter
because I feel a drop frozen to my cheek.
I am almost positive that it is winter,
why is the thermometer telling me it is eighty two degrees.
I feel the cold when I should feel the heat,
everything is fading away in vain and defeat.

It must just be me
I don't see anything but reality
A rush for meaning, where all was to be still.
It must just be me
but everything seems to be fading away,
right before my eyes everything has faded away.

It must be night,
everything is covered with a mask of black,
it must be night for nothing is as clear as it once was.
It must be night,
I can see the nightmares vividly
as they walk every step with me.
It must be night,
I can no longer see the sun
all has faded away and it is just noon.

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