Thursday, August 14, 2014

Erotic Soul Searching

Tenderly I touch his inner soul with
my soft spoken words of endearment.
I want to caress his heart with the warmth 
of my own as we walk hand in hand
through these hills imagining the bigger picture
of life in a stilled motion.

Frantically searching for the others arms
we meet in an alluring kiss. Lips on fire as
bodies melt together, we lay in a bed of wildflowers.
Naked skin to naked earth, coming one where
once stood two in shaky balance. 

Inner demons fighting their way out 
of our free bound souls. Reckless emotions
finding their way home in another's mind. 
Understanding the misunderstood through
our hungry love making. Faces tightly
grasped by each other's hands as we
answer so many questions through the
lust seen in another's eyes.

All is lost now, 
the ground is no longer holding us 
as we find our pleasure and release.
You can almost feel the cushion of the clouds
as we are weightless in each others arms.

All has been found,
through our lovemaking!
All is understood,
in the arms of the one that 
we have always belonged to. 

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