Thursday, October 30, 2014

Leader of the Pack

Tell me why we walk this road
what can we do to stop the misunderstandings 
that leave us frail with a need?
What should we do?
Where should we turn?
We play into our friends words
like we are to stupid to think for ourselves.

We spew hate without knowledge 
We believe the fairy tales that we are fed.
Like a pack of dogs begging for more treats
we lie when we know what we ignore to see.
We stand still when we should start the march
against those that keep us in the dark at arms length.

Tell me what we should do!
What should we believe when even our media
paints us their little fools.
False advertising has become the norm
roaming videos of half truths is easier to believe
when we are to lazy to look for the truth.

Lets start this uproar
lets throw down our common sense
lets show the world the real issue at hand
we are just a nation that has gone to hell.
We cannot stand on our own two feet,
when we are treading behind mongrels 
who has never learned the way to lead.

Lets praise God 
as we judge those who are not the same,
no worries when we can make up for our sins
this coming Sunday.
Lets preach what we cannot do ourselves
lets play the phony when others are around. 
I am lost for words
which we all know does not happen often.

I have to ask
just this one last thing
how smart does one have to be
to investigate the truth
that everyone around us does not want us to see? 

I guess I will be that one wolf that walks alone
I would rather be confined to my own thoughts
than to take another's thoughts as my own!  

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