Wednesday, January 21, 2015

As a Nation we have the ability and opportunity to seek the truth and become more knowledgeable in the events that surround us. We are no longer left in the dark as we once were waiting to nibble on any information that we were given not so freely. It seems like the majority of us will grab any piece of misinformed information and take it as the truth just because they know most people will believe them. Starting a scurry of events built on false information that we will accept out of pure laziness on our own parts. Sometimes it is not that we do not have the knowledge of the truth, it is more along the lines that we have such hate and prejudice against another human being that we would rather spread lies and fury than the simple truth. I am happy to have a friend on here that posted one of the misleading articles "asking" is this true instead of posting it with slander as many of my fb buddies do on a daily basis. Just another example of someone wanting to be knowledgeable in truth instead of ignorant in riddled hate and false information.