Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Joseph Alan Workinger

Joseph Alan Workinger currently is studying for his bachelors degree for professional and public writing in Indianapolis, Indiana. After he finishes his degree he plans on starting a career publishing and continuing to write more books. 

Joseph grew up in the small town of Greentown, Indiana. He went to the local high school and found the inspiration for the most of the characters in this book. Other inspirations came from his friends Allison and Amber and his publisher Selina, whom he would like to thank. Without their help. involvement and criticism this would not be possible. 

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It is wonderful meeting new authors, lets get to know you more

How long have you written? and what inspired you to start writing?

I would have to say I seriously started writing when I was 16. It all started because of an assignment I had to do in school where we had to write a short story for an elementary class.

Are you dedicated to only writing in one genre or do you have plans to write about anything else?

As of right now I do not have plans to leave the Young Adult genre. However that might change in the future.

How would you describe your novel?

It’s a Young Adult Fantasy book about a young boy, Eric James who learns he has magical powers after the tragic death of his parents. He’s taken to a school where he can learn more about his powers. Eric’s heart makes him fall into trouble throughout the book. Without spoiling anything too big, there are a few twists and turns that Eric has to go through to survive the three worst years of his life.

What is your book signing plans if any?

Currently there are no plans because of school, but once the semester ends I'll be looking into it. Keep your eyes open for more information about it.

Other than writing is there anything else that you feel passionate about? If you only had one more day in your life what would you want to do?

Cooking and baking. If I'm not writing then I'm in the kitchen whipping up a recipe. If I had one more day in my life I would open up a diner.

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