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h. james was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a consumer of pizza (lots and lots), watcher of bad TV, and a proud Vikings fan (maybe a little bit too proud). She prefers to spend her time losing herself on the internet for hours watching online videos, or spending a lazy Saturday afternoon with a good book. In 2013, she won the Carothers Distinguished Writers Award for her short story. One day, she hopes to create imaginary people for a living, but until then, she'll do it on her free time. The Girl in the White Mask is her first novel.

1. How long have you written? And what inspired you to write?

I've been writing for almost 14 years now. I've always loved reading, but the moment I began to show interest in writing was in fifth grade. It was my first year at a new school and I had yet to do anything to stand out amongst my classmates who'd all known each other for years. Sometime in the first month or so of the school year, my language arts teacher asked us each to write stories. I didn't think much of it until she returned mine to me later, telling the rest of the class how well I'd done. Before then, I was always the shy, quiet girl, but they quickly labeled me the writer of the class, despite the fact that there were much better writers there. When the other kids began to show interest in my writing, I fell in love with it. It would take me a few years to fall in love with it as a craft and not just as a way to get kids to like me.

2. Are you dedicated to only writing in one genre or do you have plans to write about anything else?

I'm definitely open to other genres.

3. How would you describe your novel?

4. What is your book signing plans if any?

I don't know if I have any at this point. I love the idea of being anonymous.

5. Other than writing is there anything else that you feel passionate about? If you only had one more day in your life what would you want to do? 

Oh, wow, I don't know. I really love watching TV. But I don't know if I want that to be the last thing I do. Maybe go to an amusement park? I love roller coasters. There's nothing more fun than the adrenaline rush that comes from a great ride and the energy that buzzes through you even hours after you've left the park. Some of my best memories have taken place at amusement parks. That wouldn't be a bad last day.

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