Monday, September 28, 2015


The entwine of two hands,
forever written in the horizon,
tomorrows promise
of something worthwhile enough
to hold on from now
until the end of days.

A circle that never ends,
a roller coaster of emotions,
a whirlwind of romance
in the still of the night
a star in the sky, leading the way.

Blanket on the sand,
pole in hand,
remembrance of yesterday,
with dreams of tomorrow.
Hand in hand,
nothing was caught
but a kiss in the moonlight
by the one that you could
never be apart!

Freedom found in the heartbeat
that belongs to your other half.
Skin wrinkled and dulled with time,
hair grayed but that's okay.
Nothing matters in the old creaking swing
but an old couple who shares
their special moments and memories!

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