Friday, May 11, 2012

Enslaved in my own prison

I walk out of my cave
to see the light,I am
enslaved in this prison
waiting for the night
to take its rightful

within the darkness I
find my escape!I bid
you goodbye as I see
the sheer terror flash
from your eyes,I take
your soul as my own.

I am a deviant to your
world of trust,I believe
not a thing from your
mouth that you thrust.
I am bent on the feelings
of your pain as I watch
your blood fall from my

Entranced by the weak
murmur that breathlessly
can be heard from your
lips I bend down just
this once to give you
the taste of the dark
queens kiss.Mesmerized
by the look you now give
me I swallow my own poison
as I carry you secretly to
my prison of pain and insufferable
wanting of my very own blade!

I can feel your un wanting
heart take its last beat,I
drop your limp body now to
my feet!I walk back to my
prison of dark as I give you
one last stare I can see your
body has Evolved into something
that no longer fears or runs

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