Friday, June 15, 2018

Promised Land

She stands tall for all to see
she shines in the night
with a torch stretched high

She gives people hope
with words that use to ring true
now she falters in a fog of lies
none of which she bestows on her own

If she were human she would silently walk away
If she were human you would find a tear gone stray

If she had a voice she would reprehend those at fault
If she had a voice she would remind us of how far we had come

She use to be more than concrete and steel
She use to be more than the copper and granite she is made from

She was once a beacon that all flocked to adore
now she has become a broken promise that so many mourn

A gateway from hell she no longer stands
nothing but a memory now in what was once
the promised land!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Weeping Willow Wisdom Rebuttal

Weeping willow tree
I know what you told me!
I cannot help but to reflect
on the story you had given so freely.

As it may be you are stronger than me!
You may have weathered many storms
and broken many limbs
however after your trials
you still have something to hold on to.

You have marked your territory
in which you stand,
that is something that can never change.
A humans life is ever changing
we move on when we have figured the pain is to much to bear.

You have a root that cannot feel,
I have a heart that feels every pang.
You can tell your story as it may be,
but you have never had to shuffle your feet.

How I wish that I could be you,
never have to worry about being in an others shoe.
I would never have to worry about tomorrow,
I would be steadfast day after day in the same place.

Now do not take for granted what you have,
as you watch the sun come up
and the moon to take its place.
I may be a human who will leave this place
as you still stand proud.
Giving me more reason to want more than I have!

I will come back and visit you again,
maybe then you will see that your presence
is all that I was in search of. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Full Circle

I sit here riddled with guilt,
not for anything that I have done wrong
but for wandering into a room
that I all to well know
every nook and cranny of.

I know every line of uncaught paint,
every beam that holds it together.
I know every hole in which a picture has graced,
every outline that was left when taken down.

Steps taken forward
falters backwards
steps taken away
always finds themselves in full circle.

An empty room full of old memories
come back to life with the reminder
of something long ago passed.
Something that had never really gone away,
stuck in a crevice at best.

The center of my mind has gone astray
there are memories that never really go away.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Never expect a positive reaction 
 from a negative action!  

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

It is not like I want to be hated,
I just don't have to be loved! 

Who is politically correct?

What is considered politically correct? What is not politically correct? The question is not so easily answered because it depends on the side that you are fighting for. You can be politically correct but the other side will still call you a snowflake or tell you that you want a handout. The problem is there is such a division between everyone that no one wants to understand the opposing side of politics. The spectrum has grown so far apart that no one wants to work together for the greater good. You are either completely wrong or completely right depending on who you talk to. In reality most of us would rather not be labeled one or the other because we do not wholeheartedly agree to the fullest with either side. 

With that said let’s talk about something that affects us all even though we will still fight over it because let’s face it, we just have to argue or we may look like we are agreeing with the opposing side. We have come to believe that we are not good enough to fight for what is right and what is not right in the work place. We work hard and strive to do well but we seem to have forgotten that we are just as important as the people who sit behind a desk. We hear the same things over and over, work hard, and make those quotas so the boss will be happy and proud of their workers. We have this notion that they really care about us and that our hard work for them will mean a brighter future for us. This is not true in most cases and it will never be true as long as we kill ourselves so they can make THEIR dreams come true. The notion that we will ever mean anything is just that, a notion! 

We now want to believe that big corporations will spread the wealth with more tax breaks; once again this is just another notion that will not play out the way that we may hope. Trickle down has been done before and guess what? It does not work! These corporations are already counting their pay raises as their workers are still working for low wages and only enough hours to barely get by. The normal worker has to work more than one job just to stay afloat. Less hours and more workers for businesses, this way it looks like the unemployment is down and these very same people will once again get another tax break for working more people. It is a win win for everyone but the biggest part of the American people! You have people begging for hours but the big dogs are hiring more people while taking more of those hours away. 

Meanwhile somewhere in between we have homeless people which includes a vast amount of vets freezing to death in our streets. Where is all of this wealth being spread exactly? We have so many talks going on about helping the rich but we cannot set laws for single parents that are struggling while the absent parents are living it up. We cannot set laws on the books prevents nothing less than fraud, taking money for working workers but leaving out that they are lucky to make twenty five hours a week. We do not have the funds to have community centers all over the United States for at risk teens that do not have a safe home or even food waiting for them once they get out of school. We would rather take what very little these children have away from them because a bike or skates may bother an uptight citizen while they watch their televisions; well we all know what becomes of idle hands. 

We have a drug epidemic that is killing thousands and thousands of human’s everyday but we are worried about saving the grace of the rich and mighty. We would rather be politically correct than to step up to the plate and take a swing against the blatant corruption that is unfolding right in front of us every day. We would like to blame the last guy for the issues we have now, once the new guy is the old guy we will go through this cycle once again. I am going to sit back and see just how far this trickle will spread, how many valleys it will help and how far up into the hills will it climb. I however will not hold my breath as I wait for the results to come in. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wishful Wishes

I wish the clouds would clear
and the sky would part
I want to scream in anguish
before the last of me falls apart

I wish the clouds would clear
and the sky would part
I want to tell you that it was no bother
speak from the bottom of your heart for eternity

I wish the clouds would clear
and the sky would part
I want you to open your eyes
and see all of us that wanted you to stay

I wish the clouds would clear
and the sky would part
I want to know what the breaking point was
and comfort you through your tears

I wish the clouds would clear
and the sky would part
I want to know that you are okay
even if we are not

I wish for these things
that can never be
I hope when my time comes
your face is one of the first that I see!