Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Please help my best friend bury his brother in law that passed away unexpectedly this past week. Anything will help and if you cannot help please pass on in case someone else can. You can follow this link for details in how you can help this family. <3 

Joseph Alan Workinger

Joseph Alan Workinger currently is studying for his bachelors degree for professional and public writing in Indianapolis, Indiana. After he finishes his degree he plans on starting a career publishing and continuing to write more books. 

Joseph grew up in the small town of Greentown, Indiana. He went to the local high school and found the inspiration for the most of the characters in this book. Other inspirations came from his friends Allison and Amber and his publisher Selina, whom he would like to thank. Without their help. involvement and criticism this would not be possible. 

Meet Joseph by following these links

It is wonderful meeting new authors, lets get to know you more

How long have you written? and what inspired you to start writing?

I would have to say I seriously started writing when I was 16. It all started because of an assignment I had to do in school where we had to write a short story for an elementary class.

Are you dedicated to only writing in one genre or do you have plans to write about anything else?

As of right now I do not have plans to leave the Young Adult genre. However that might change in the future.

How would you describe your novel?

It’s a Young Adult Fantasy book about a young boy, Eric James who learns he has magical powers after the tragic death of his parents. He’s taken to a school where he can learn more about his powers. Eric’s heart makes him fall into trouble throughout the book. Without spoiling anything too big, there are a few twists and turns that Eric has to go through to survive the three worst years of his life.

What is your book signing plans if any?

Currently there are no plans because of school, but once the semester ends I'll be looking into it. Keep your eyes open for more information about it.

Other than writing is there anything else that you feel passionate about? If you only had one more day in your life what would you want to do?

Cooking and baking. If I'm not writing then I'm in the kitchen whipping up a recipe. If I had one more day in my life I would open up a diner.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Just a thought

So many people have demons to fight, whether they are drugs, eating disorders, booze or anything else that haunts them. We all fight them and sometimes we lose, it takes courage from our families and friends to stand by us as we find our way but more importantly it takes ourselves. Until we fight our own battles we will lose every time to the dark. Many people want to believe that everyone is the same and should act the same. It is easy for those that came from well to do homes to scold the child who went hungry every night. They want to tell the drug addict that they have no reason to hide behind poison but yet they have never lived in the abusers shoes or mind. They can tell the bulimic that they are not fat and they are stupid enough to kill themselves every time that they stick a finger down their throat but they will never understand that the bulimic is looking for some sort of control over their lives that they feel like they have none of. They can tell the drunk to get a life and sober up but they will never understand that they in most cases are only self medicating a illness that they do not see. So many people in life want to pretend that they are superior to the weak just because they believe they are better or more in control of their lives. It does not work that way. Everyone is not the same and no one deals with their problems the same way. The bottom line is if you have never had an addiction you will never understand what lead that person to be where they are right now in life. Sadly enough it is those very same people who believe that they are better than the drunk or skinny girl walking down the street or drug addict that is the weakest of all. They have never had the struggle so they will never understand it, they have never pulled themselves from a rapist arms so they will never understand self medication. They have never had their parent give them a beer at 12 so they will never understand it. I am on this little rant because as always I made the mistake of reading WSAZ page tonight and read of three young adults murdering another. I feel grief for the lost life and what his family must be going through but I also feel grief for the families of the three young adults. I read as people were making fun of the girl in the pic and saying she was retarded looking and ugly as the girls mother was saying that her daughter does deserve to face the music for what she has done but that the girl in the pic was not the daughter that she knows. She showed a pic of the girl BEFORE drugs and she was beautiful and her eyes were not reflections of a murderer but those that had compassion in them. People were silly enough to tell the mother if she knew her daughter had turned to drugs then she should have helped her. How easy some must think life is! The mother had tried for a long time but the girls so called friends rescued her from rehab and took her out of state. How easy it is to blame the mother for not MAKING her adult daughter better. How easy it is to cast blame at everyone else and none at where it belongs. I am left to wonder how many of these very people who are laughing and having a high time cracking jokes are also on drugs. Or know of family, friends, co-workers who are battling the addiction as they lay silent cracking jokes instead of a kind word of hope, compassion, love, humanity. How many of those people could have saved a life or at least tried to save a life. When did the village stop taking care of the children? When did God come down and tell us that we could pass judgement on the weak and sick? I read the post on here just as many of you do, I see people posting of their love for God and life and then in the next step post cracking jokes or spreading false details about another human being life just because they do not like or agree with that person. I see people that profess love for all try to spread hate for one. It is not only sicking but it is sad that humanity has become something of the past. It will be nothing more to our children than a myth that they hear of when they read the stories of Christ and Martin Luther King and all of the other great men and woman that have followed in their steps searching for peace and harmony among all of man kind. Even though that girl committed an awful crime I reached out to her mother tonight. This woman has lost the baby girl that she cradled in her arms, she has lost the feeling of seeing her walk down the aisle or give her grandchildren. There are four families suffering over the death of a life taken to soon and we as humans find it funny and exciting because in reality we are bored with our own lives. How sad has this world really gotten? And how long can it last before God finally puts it out of its misery? Find compassion and humanity, how sweet that would be if it were so easy

Monday, January 12, 2015

The voice of a Manic

I am confined to my own thoughts
they only throw me into a whirlwind of suffering.
Blanket myself with a cloth
maybe the chill will leave my flesh.
The unknown torment batters places deep within
finding myself in more than one place at a time.

Smiling away the tears in my heart,
eating away the hollow in my gut.
Ignoring the pain,
trying to save face,
cannot let my shaking hands be seen,
no one wants to show their weakness.

Ribbons and bows 
placed neatly on a package.
Never give up 
when that is what everyone else wants.
Take a step forward
give it your all
a new beginning 
is the start of something fresh.
I will be your voice 
if that is what you need to move on.

I will cry
I will laugh
I will do what you want
if it will help me be perfect
I will dream
I will crawl
out of this dark if it will really help
I will beg
and I will plead
I will give you everything
if you will just except half of me
I will tame my emotions
act like they are as calm as stilled water
raging inside is the beast of an ocean,
this though I can hide.

I will fight for a fortune
that will lay in your hands
for I will do anything
that helps me see your gain.
I will lay restless
searching for something more.
I will never understand
myself or my own made wars.
They are deep
they set out to battle without me
they take my mind away from time to time
they show disregard
where all is dark and lonesome.

I see you standing there
you have a smile on your face
that I cannot understand.
I hear you giggle
but I cannot understand why,
all is the same on this day 
that I wish to play hide and go seek.

My thoughts are running on a rampage,
why have my feet not moved 
in a direction that proves I have done something right?
Why do I go and go
but yet no one sees me? 
How much more can I do?
How much farther can my steps proceed to take
without a change worth the waking of me?

I have no chance
I will always look for more!
I will always see the dark
when I caress those around me.
I will fight for happiness 
that is always alluding.
Maybe it is just in my mind,
for it has never settled peacefully
for that long of a time.

I feel my tension build
the volcano is ready to erupt.
It cannot be held back
with the calming voice of love.
The smile fades
The sparkling eyes dim
The heart hides behind closed vessels 
as the voice of a manic 
is left later to repent!