Thursday, April 17, 2014

Who's Joining

For any of you beautiful people who will be in Reno this weekend, drop by the Great American Author Expo" there will be many authors there with great book titles and two of my own books will also be there for sale. Hope to see you all bushy tailed and ready to read. There will also be tons of activities to do for all ages. Here is a idea of what will be going on for your enjoyment. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Reflecting Eyes

I am going crazy
falling victim to your love spell.
Anticipation for your touch
has driven me over the edge!
Your in all of my thoughts
with those sweet delicious kisses.
The caress of your lips sends my body aflame,
I want all or nothing but will take what is offered.
As long as it is with you that my mind and body
goes insane as it convulses your name in a whisper
between clenched teeth and trembling flesh.

Talk to me low and slow
you know how it drives me into a recklessness.
Hands entangled in my hair as our lips meet again,
passion in your eyes and I am once again caught up.
I search for that heaven that earth cannot share,
for our greediness for one and another
has taken me off guard and unprepared.
You know every nerve in my body,
like it was your own.
To hell with what I thought was passion,
for I have never known the persistence
of a loving man who pleases me in every way that has ever been needed.

And after our tantalizing night of passion,
once our feet has finally found the ground,
you take me in your arms like it was
the first time we have made love.
I know you do not understand
for that is just the kind of guy that you are,
but it means the world to a girl who has never felt
what a real man has to offer her heart.
And when you lay those beautiful lips upon my body as I sleep,
I want you to know that you are caressing every emotion within me.
None I will take for granted because you are all that I need,
for love has never felt so real
and I have never felt so alive
as what I do when I see my reflection through your eyes!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I am not sure how my sexy ass hunni cheated but he caught more fish than me so I know he did somehow. That is alright he can be the troutman and I will be the catfisherwoman :P.

The moral of the story is this, I get a new trout pole LOL 

Intentional Strength

I solemnly swear to back up made intentions,
to linger in the shadows for only as long as it takes.
I am searching
I am watching
if just cause is seen
I can do it all
I can do anything!

I found myself a long time ago!
Do this,
can't do that,
is not in my vocabulary now.
For I have walked in the dark
many nights ago I lived there fruitfully
biding my time
reading the answers that no one else saw but me.

The fertility of my life
started many years after birth.
The windows opened just so slightly,
crawling out on my knees
I stood strong in all of my grief.
I rested building my strength,
turning the lights out
in the dark everything is easier to see.

My mind has played tricks,
Dictating my future,
from a past that I refuse to let rule me
any longer!
I spat words of anger,
in remembrance of my yesterdays.
I do not take lightly,
being told my mind is baffled.
I have done everything that I was told I could never do!
I have proven all wrong,
when they sat back and slighted me endlessly!

My only failures were the ones in which I never tried,
all can be overcome when you believe in yourself
no matter the trials that are set forth.
Dreams do come true,
if they are meant to be.
Some may be illusions,
but only you can determine that in your own time.

swallow the fear that holds you back,
for nothing is won in backward steps!

all of the battles that are fought,
for all are won in this game we call life.

Find the victory that lays just beneath the surface!
Find the heart that you were given!
Use it on yourself just this once,
for sometimes it is in our own minds that all is lost!