Thursday, August 14, 2014

Erotic Soul Searching

Tenderly I touch his inner soul with
my soft spoken words of endearment.
I want to caress his heart with the warmth 
of my own as we walk hand in hand
through these hills imagining the bigger picture
of life in a stilled motion.

Frantically searching for the others arms
we meet in an alluring kiss. Lips on fire as
bodies melt together, we lay in a bed of wildflowers.
Naked skin to naked earth, coming one where
once stood two in shaky balance. 

Inner demons fighting their way out 
of our free bound souls. Reckless emotions
finding their way home in another's mind. 
Understanding the misunderstood through
our hungry love making. Faces tightly
grasped by each other's hands as we
answer so many questions through the
lust seen in another's eyes.

All is lost now, 
the ground is no longer holding us 
as we find our pleasure and release.
You can almost feel the cushion of the clouds
as we are weightless in each others arms.

All has been found,
through our lovemaking!
All is understood,
in the arms of the one that 
we have always belonged to. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Voice of a Manic

Next week we will be putting together my 5th poetry book. There will be a lot in the book that you will not be able to find on the net. This book will have a little of everything in it, all walks of life in every way. Love, dark, bitterness, lovemaking etc etc. This will not be a book that will be suitable for children. Keep an eye out, it should be done by the end of the month.  

Casualties of War

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Soul mates are not always meant to be together, sometimes they are only meant to be friends.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Unanswered prayers are sometimes the best things that could happen to us

It will be a year this month since me and my sexy country hunni has been together. There have been a couple struggles but they have been well worth the sacrifice of learning each other through and through. Plus it is always enjoyable making up with strong arms, a good fight is great for the soul sometimes lol. I never would have believed that I could fall in love again and be more infatuated and more deeply in love than I was in the past. I am where I have always belonged! 


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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I Want to speak from my heart,
but there is something holding me back.
I can give you a million reasons why I shouldn't
but there is only one that I know for a fact.
What I say will never be important
and it will never even matter anyway,
when half the story is heard through deaf ears
and the other is walked away from.

I already see the response as it
plays havoc on my mind,
first I will get the third degree
and then I will be left heartbroken.
It is the same old story
the only thing that has changed is the day.
Where everything moves forward
but broken promises and pain.

I could be a statue
standing firm in my silence,
I could be the man on the moon
for all that you know about me.
You think that I am strong
when really it is my weakness that carries me.
I am searching for something
that even I can only half way believe.

You almost thought that I was perfect,
but you really did not see,
all of the cover-ups that were put in place
to hide my insecurities.
I have these walls,
do you see them?
They are completely surrounding me,
every stone and brick I have earned righteously.

Here I am safe
but yet only living half of a life.
Here I can be what you need,
but yet never completely me.
I want to speak from my heart,
but there is something holding me back!
There are a million reasons why I should,
but only one that really matters.
Sometimes I just need to be heard,
instead of sitting in this perfect stature.
Sometimes I just want to lay to rest
all of these insecurities
that leaves my heart forever fractured.