Friday, May 11, 2012

Knock on wood

Thoughts bond my
memories of yesterday
and achievements of
today together like a
torch to metal infusing
the two together for the
perfect fit.

Knocked down trees on
the roads to no where
still seem to always
get in the way of my
success.They still yet
stand proud even as they
are lying on the ground
in the way to somewhere.

I no longer look into my
yesterdays for fallen reasons
to slow my pace as I no
longer look at tomorrow
giving into my fears of
another perceptual place.
I am content as I look
into the mirror of today.

I breathe into my lungs
the air that use to never
exist, I see light where
once was only a darkness
surrounding me like a
unsavory obis that wanted
to only drown me in its
poisoning death.

Torments of worrying about
how I was seen no longer
lingers its darkness upon
me.I am looking at me through
a light that only I can
really see,only I know me!

False friends are no longer
allowed to tread their ways
on my back,they are never
here unless I follow their
lead never to cut slack.I
wipe off their prints of
useless memories as I take
my life back only for me
to live,with this I am now
completely freed!

I swallow my heart where
once it use to be work on
my sleeve,I refuse to watch
it any longer be hurt or
conceived.I free my soul
now to do as it believes
it should,with this I knock
on wood!

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