Sunday, May 20, 2012

My free will

Is it over confidence
or zeal?With the flash
of my over ridden demon
eyes your blood temperature
rises,you melt from fear
as my eyes flash daggers!
I crucify your soul and
watch it bleed Soullessly
in front of me!

I am the only one with
the ability to set you
free,my powers over you
have bled endlessly.Your
mind belongs to me,your
heart no longer can be

I walk with no fear,
I am made of stone!
Chills run down your
body as your legs want
too buckle!I lay a finger
under your chin and lift
your eyes to meet mine
reading your every thought!

Your are scared but you
hold your own weak power
of strength,you hide within
a door of steel but your
strength can never beat mine,
in your mind I shine!With a
quick take back of my hand
I scratch your skin as it
burns from the poisoned sin
I have left behind to drip
from your flesh.

You wish death as my poison
takes control of your once
beautifully evil spirit.I
have conquered all with my
blades of hate and turmoil.
I leave you in a shallow
grave of dust nothing left
now of your mind and soul!
I lead you home!

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