Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My mind and me

You and me seem to
disagree all of the
time now,I say yes
and you give me
reason after reason
to lay my dreams
down to never be

My stomach flip flops
as my nerves tighten
from deep within.I
just want my pen that
holds my words to be
filled with ink again.

One dream after another
is put off by your insecurities
of frightened days that
lived in the past.You
shuffle your feet in
tormented thoughts of
standing your ground,
lost too you is that
next step to send your
life spiraling.

We are in disagreement
about everything and I
cannot take too much more
of the negativity that
we share in this battle
of wills we use as daggers
against each other.We need
to agree on just one thing
"my mind and me"!

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