Friday, June 22, 2012

Little girl silent

I try to determine
what it is I shall
do,listen to the
words that are so
freely given or
listen to my brain
that has seen this
all to many times!

I am left confused
and mad,hurt,and
ready to give up,
silent even in the
words that I give
in my own kind of

I can only give so
much of me as my
forgiveness that
at one time was so
easily given has
now went forbidden.

I walk the lines
that are spilled
from lips of deceit
and wonder how life
had in sorts forgotten
about me,I wish for
only loyalty!

I am not the little
girl that stood silent
in her pain and miseries
any longer.I am not the
blinded that once many
seen in me.I am not
following my heart of
weakness in love and
beauty,my mind has
taken over and my life's
happiness is dependent
on only me.

I take the word love
to heart and play no
games when the words
are freely given,it
is me and only me
without the others
hidden!I am a one
man kind of girl and
with all due respect
I hope you see that
is what I expect in
return or these bridges
next I can burn!

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