Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just a note

I have been asked to have my poem "lost in your memory" published in the "World poetry movement" book that is coming up, this will be the second one that has been published in one of their books :). I have also been asked to publish my poem "The empty quill" through "the heart of global poetry" very excited about both even though at this time I do not know if I will do either. I also have my web sit in the works and links will be posted when it is done, I may delete my blog once it is done because we all know a web site is where the new beginnings will start :) and last but not least you will meet my alter ego once the web site is done and see features of her up-coming poetry book and novel that is in the works. My life has been one hell of a ride with ups and downs but one thing is for sure this girl was meant to soar high in the sky and never to be left on the ground. Dreams are a great thing to have but making them come true is even better! And as always never forget who you are and where you have come from in the process of being found by others. xxx


  1. I am looking forward to viewing your web page . I am also glad to see that your taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way . I've been doing so myself since 2005 but I've been writing since 1974 . God bless you and good luck .

  2. thank you so much and I love your poetry you are a great author xxx