Sunday, August 12, 2012

Silent shards of glass

Silent bowed head dreams
of life outside of body,
perplexed feelings of
lost faith trickles down
a spine now weak.

Shards of glass lie
in palm waiting to
cut the flesh of
younger days gone

Pieces of memories
take hold and once
again are lost from
mind,days gone by now
are harder to define
and control.

Shimmers of brilliance
catches a hold of
thoughts,gone again
forever to be lost
among the living and

Torn from the bone
is any kind of reckless
wants to be ever found
again,giving up on
life and anything
that can hear the
drops of salty water
fall from cheeks.

Blades cut deep wounds
in softened places
that may never heal
again,the smell of
death always to be
noticed in the nights

Silent bowed head
wishes to take their
soul far away,dreams
come true for some one

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