Thursday, November 15, 2012

Conflict-ions of my mind sets me still within myself and all that I wish to be my destiny. I make promises to myself that are to hard to keep, I say this is it but once the night sets it never is. I am tormented by lost love that finds way in my life at their own whim, out again when things are not hidden. I want to find peace that hovers so closely within my reach but I am to scared to grasp what is for the taken. I cry at night and smile through the day, playing the part of happiness that is never really felt. I put a smile on my face and do what "has" to be done but never do what is wanted or needed to release myself from harms reach. I allow myself to be taken advantage of, for my mind cannot stop what is written within my hearts fierce desires. I turn the music up and hear that song that always plays heavily within my thoughts and search what has been written in the stars but yet taken away by the light. Time reflects what is and what is not, people stand by waiting for what will always be without a second glance toward what could be. The only thing that life can ever guaranty us is that one day it will end, and with it all dreams ever wished will fall upon the ground of un-chanced. Life was never meant to be perfect, it was only meant to be lived as happily as it can be. 

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