Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fearful wishes

I give in and take no
more, playing games
of another no longer
finds me standing in
the doorway of pain.

Connections taken for
granted, you find that
with no other but yet
stay where you are.

Dreams compared by
the one runs deep within
veins, to scared to step
away from fake face
a bottle finds lips to
put you to sleep.

In outcry I demand
more than the girl
waiting for her phone
to ring or spent time
of soul-mates in hidden

Time spent where always
belonged, step away from
what another says is wrong.
Hearts find no boundaries
when true love awaits,you
with me find no escape!

Time always tells with
one and another hate
can never be found,
searching past to be
with each other we are
always bound.

Tasteful forbidden fruit
sweet to the lips, hearts
find what another will
always miss. Fake smiles
are seen by all, yet you
stay where your mind
shall always fall.

Conflicts to always riddle
your deepest emotion,
trying to pay debts that
will always in your thoughts
follow. Happiness to never
be found for another tells
you what is normal and

Hide behind a mask forever,
for no one can make you
see that life comes only
once and you are the only
one who can control happy.
Take another step toward
another's mindset and
forever live in your regrets!

Past cannot be changed,
only the future can be
lived. Find your anger
as you always have, only
blame yourself for once
again in my mind fine
complete release and

I am no longer the scared
little girl, for only I have
control over my world!
Take another drink for
that is for you the best,
for you are to scared of
another to take your own

True love and connections
are only found once, live
your life unhappily if that
is what you truly feel best.
For I will only be open and
ready to find your thoughts
once again when you find
your own strength!

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