Monday, November 5, 2012

I have learned through life that if someone is to weak and scared to be happy you need to let them just be miserable and hind behind the reflection of the person they use to be. Time swiftly passes us by and dreams follow us on our heals until even they are not achievable any longer. The battles worth fighting for are only those that are possible enough to come true. Never stand in one position waiting for another's fear to eat them or yourself alive until they forget who they are among the face of someone else's wishes.  I am secure enough to know that I have never been forgotten and always have been wished for in the back of the mind. I also am no longer settling for hurt reeked upon me in a waiting game of never knowing what lays in the future. I may never find what fits the best but I shall never again be the one standing in line for anyone. I was taught what real love meant and how to love another to the very fullest of heart, body, mind and soul. I know what is needed in every form of life for the mate that I will one day give everything they had ever wished for. I do not hold back feelings like a weapon to find pity from another. I know that my past does not dictate my future! I know what it means to really feel and understand the love of my life no matter what is to folly in the back of their mind. I do not ask anyone to be silent in their thoughts just so I can act as if they do not exist. I am true and know hoe to except what is given by the one I say I love and wish to spend the rest of my life with. I do not carry my demons on my shoulders to excuse the facts of wrong doings as a child. My life is what it was meant to be no matter what suffering it has held. I love to love and show emotional connections that are needed to make life worth living and happiness worth the finding. I am not self absorbed wanting only affection to be shown to me, I am what a real woman is suppose to be. I am a real woman and when I find the one who I will spend the rest of my life with he will be treated as a real man, that does not have to hide behind the shadows of who he really is to make me selfishly happy. Love is only true when understood completely through and through, love is only true when found by the one who excepts you!!

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