Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lives of the dictated

Missing beats find me
giving in and up on what
has always meant to be.
Finding each other in
our thoughts spare no
voices when worlds

I have finally found
myself bargaining for
something more,I wait
no longer for something
that has been a long time
coming even though
in mind and heart I know
one day you will once
again wish to come through
my door.

Same old romance finds
hidden time in the shadows
of what is wanted but seems
now just to far away to hold.
I grow bold and see that killing
time in the darkness has only
affected the person I still wish
to be.

Sparkling cider in the arms
of my lover, whispering song
to be found within my ear.
Pressed against my heart that
ticks from another human life,
I search for just maybe part
of what we have always been
able to make right.

I hold back tears and wish
your being was as strong as
the words you so persistently
speak. Love carries us away
within another world that
we both wish to stay, fear
of the unknown keeps you
at bay and alone.

Two finds comfort a way
of life, no love lost now
for it was let go a long
time ago. Living becomes
an everyday obstacle, no
happiness is found under
the face of sorrow and

No longer wishing to
stand in the dark,I find
my feet are now steady
and in wanting of what
we have always dreamt.
A love that holds no faults
in the understanding of
the other, a love that is
real and felt through body
and soul.

No longer allowing my
past to dictate my future!
I gave my all and when
life finds you alone you
will once again remember
who holds your other half,
on the ground you find
yourself so many times

Place another wish in the
ears of the deaf, another
romantic dinner grows
cold when out the door
your lover steps. The
sand is quickly running
out,time to change what
is not any longer wished,
or find yourself forever

I am not the little girl
I once was,to hold the
past over my head any
longer will only bring
both of us more unneeded
dread. Tomorrow when
you wake, there will still
be no change!

Take what is still in
your reach, or find
yourself always alone
in a crowded room
of those who has never
understood. I find my
love is still calling out
your name,but now something
has seemed to changed
within my mind.

I am settled no longer for
hide and seek,I know the
true meaning of love and
where your heart has always
wished to be.I can only say
sorry a thousand times,before
I give up on what is only
being half denied. Letting
go not so easily wanted,
finding love though is
on my mind more than
it once was.

Love finds me patiently
waiting for the one who
will share wanted dreams,
living life to the fullest
without any worries.A
tear trickles down my
cheek,for I now know
I crave to also be happy.
I cannot do this anymore,
find your strength before
we are forever lost within
lives of insecure.

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