Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lost within the arms of forever

One day I will find my
peace among my own
wishes for truth and
through with living
a new life that only
I can dream.

Soul-mate will no longer
hold the cards and dictate
the life I wish to learn
and lead,control will be
within my grasp and rings
will no longer find solitude
in the dark of forgotten

Throw me a piece of
mind, body and soul,
then be gone until ready
to say I missed you so.
Thoughts carry memories
that can never be erased,
I stop my life in the name
of a confused mind that
holds all of me.

A thousand words can
never change hearts afire,
mates that find comfort
in the minds of the other.
A million dreams could
never take the unmistakable
bond that holds life on
a cliff just waiting to
tumble while in the arms
of true love.

Two likes find bars placed
where happiness is to
always be found,tears in
the dark finds comfort
within a drink swallowed.

Rest now comes easily
while thoughts are scattered
dizzily!One to be dreamed
of throughout the night,
Another to be lived when
the sun finds the blinding

Fears of imperfections
carry the weight of life!
Living in the dark always
to recite the songs of
yesterdays lost love's,
soul-mates though will
always fit like a glove.
Once one is gone the
other shall never be
worn again!

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