Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Love waits no longer

Goodbye finds me distraught
and conflicted in finding a new
life that does not any longer
find your face at every turn
that I take. Every decision
that I make has always been
reflected on a life spent with
you in our future untold.

I find myself crying for what
will never be as I am excited
at the same time in knowing
these steps have ran in over
time for way to long. I proved
that I would make wants come
true even though mine run
deeply unheeded and ignored.

I search for a road traveled
by two, love shared in day
and night without conflicts
carrying one away. This with
you will never be! Connections
shall never disappear, but now
you need to find it with who
you stay. I know that will
never happen, but that has
always been within your
grasp with me.

Finding me on your mind
is the only place I will now
be, for I know longer wait
patently. I am worth more
than a stand by girl! I am
the only one who keeps her
promises of love no matter
what is found behind your
mask of the hidden.

I carry my heart on my sleeve,
giving you the love you so
crave and need. You will as
always find me in your days,
this has been proven over
the years we have in your
world played. I am no longer
an option to call when you
need to release your mind,
for I sometimes wish for the
same right.

I am sorry you find your
days in depression for what
you have no strength to
change, I am though worth
more than when you please.
Anger finds my strength in
words, take a look back and
see what brought my hurt!
You have lost the person
that you once were, you have
forgotten the man who makes
you who you are.

Another destroys what once
was perfect, for they have no
clue what love is really worth.
Dreams for you will now go
unfilled! Heart, body, mind and
soul no longer to spill among
your life of hell. You go along
with a life not wished, you now
lose the only one who wanted
to show you the truth in love
and bliss.

My heart is breaking for yours
and mine for I know what you
really wish was in your life, but
you are to weak to leave what
has now grown  comfortable.
I cry the tears of the broken, but
one day I know in my door you
will once again wish. This time
though it will be you and me or

Don't wait to long I will stress
because I am no longer sitting
idle for what has been given
one to many times. My life I
will with or without you find!
I am no longer sitting home
waiting for a call that may or
may not be, I deserve to also
be happy!

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