Thursday, November 1, 2012

Power strokes

Flying high on the
passion for life, spelling
out dreams in my
very own vocabulary.
Dictations matter not
when life has rewards
waiting for me where
others lay down their
crosses and stop.

Blank bullets hit
rock bottom, scraps
of scares never to
be forgotten. But
I have life left in
me and take my
days as they come
looking over mountain
tops, I shall never

I have fought the
good fight and lost
many battles never
meant to be won.
I have walked the
shadows of non

Still I stand here
proudly shouting
out my dares of
knock me down.
I will just stand
back up as I wipe
the dust from face
more determined
than ever to find
my place.

I was made to find
strength within my
weakness, Searching
for success keeps me
boundless and driven.
I will find what I
search for, one day
I will be so much

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