Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tricks of the mind

Cold streets, borrowed time,
the devil plays tricks on a
once innocent mind.Stepping
into the sheets finds comfort
where all is found but leaves
traces of nothing.

Comparing beauty among-st
the wicked and alone,underneath
scars are hidden and sewn to
hide a life worth forgetting.
A fake smile finds the face,
never reaching the eyes of
the misplaced.

Struggles seek empathy
where none is found,
pride weakens what once
was nothing more than
a mere child playing in
the sand.

Tears find strength to
cover uncertainty and
bleak, heart throws
daggers where it wishes
to find peace. Shields
in place to protect what
has already found disgrace
and disrespect.

Cold streets, borrowed time,
the devil plays tricks on
a once innocent mind.Time
to kill finding thrill where
none shall be felt. Hard life
takes all when in self-doubt.
Heart finds weakness once
again through the pain of
the shadow left within.

Forces find angels where
devils no longer reside,
pain and torment through
another's eyes play havoc
on the once blind. Life
spares no fault, steps
forward have been paid
in full and bought.

Time reflects unhidden
memories, deserving is
the one who fights even
when in doubt and pain.
Bare crosses that have
been learned on the streets
of death.Within the life
of the once lived can all
be understood and felt.

Cold streets,borrowed time,
the devil no longer plays
tricks on a once innocent

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