Monday, November 12, 2012

True love, holds no boundaries

Heart finds hurt in
the absence of truth,
for it only means
something to you.
Hidden tears of broken
self to protect another
that gives life any
meaning to you.

Saltwater shed upon
silken pillowcases,only
finding comfort in
another's happiness
that is faked upon but
needed for reasons

Fear grips soul as
it rips apart anything
that found peace and
enjoyment,taking steps
backwards to force
anything but your hearts

Love runs deeper than
will, for finding myself
alone means his life is
steadfast still. True love
finds peace where heart
is spilled within the grave
of lost and derailed.

Searching for another
to take just one part of
me, I allow the conflict-ions
of my mind to rest easily.
For I know where all rest
and can always be found,
within the mind of my other
half that has never been

Halted feelings beg to
differ, within my heart
all is to shift. Peaceful
dreams I shall always
leave, memories hold
no loss within the time

I find tears spill more
gracefully when given
by the one who holds
all of me. True love
holds no boundaries,
for I love you more
than I have ever loved

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