Friday, November 9, 2012

Wilted flowers

Flowers wilt where
they first were laid,
romantic night goes
astray when shared
with one who knows
not how to show a
heart and soul.

Minds spilled where
they belong,the dark
hidden depression
understood when
shared with the one
who has always read
your mind and gave
you no reason to
feel alone.

Arms find comfort
in sweet love making,
wishing to stay there
forever,life gets in the
way of really living.
Do what is felt the
right thing to do.With
a bottle you spar,looking
for a way to live life
just once for you.

Promises always made
and held to heart,just
waiting for the day
strength no longer
finds us apart.Tears
fall from swollen
eyes demanding time
to quickly pass by.

Wondering what is held
over head,why life finds
you living a life of fake
and dread. All sees no
love lost by the reflection
of the shown, at only
your cost. Keep on doing
what is not wished,until
you find the power to
follow your heart and
stop wondering what
the other is doing and
who she may be finding.

Always listening to the
mind of the depressed,
knowing only he can
change what is amiss.
Finding comfort in the
arms of the one who
proves love.

Flowers stay where
they were first given,
dinner grows cold never
finding heaven! Wilted
like a long ago love!
You sit your nights away
with a bottle to your lips,
all to well do I know
how it feels to hide behind
the reflection of what
another feels.

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