Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Eyes tell all

Hard to disguise the eyes of
memories, touch of thoughts
share same images among
the hiders in a game of seek.

Hard to play tokens when
in the view of life, no fault
bargains until the time is right.
Followers of what is always
seen, disregarding what is

Time is close and felt within
crevices of the heart, much
more neither can go on and
embark upon. shallow minded,
un-felt feelings, spare no truth
when more is needed.

Time reflects nothing has
yet changed, no words of hate
can stop what is always
found in the lost. Bidden
goodbyes never last long,
when souls are to sigh what
is belonged.

Life took wrong way roads
long ago, at some point they
will beckon to be followed.
Words of grace to fall upon
my ears, heart folds to no
one when love holds no

I wait for what can not go
on forever, for one day life
will find me at home. Among
the reader of all my thoughts,
my hearts better half, life one
day will remove all masks.

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