Sunday, December 9, 2012

In hopes that one day games will fall to rest and waiting will be worth the torment of waking alone. Canvases will tell a million stories, that end with happiness among the living. Words will no longer be hidden in the shadows of doubt and fear will find all in strength fighting for what life has put on hold in weaknesses of the mind. Two halves will come together as the stars promised on fateful days, love in completeness will find its rightful place. Perfections will be in the face of the excepted, rejection for the person behind the mask will never take place, for in real love all is understood. Words tell a thousand stories, through the minds of soul-mates in all their glory. Emotions will never be sought out, for just a look into each others eyes will tell a thousand I Love Yous! 


  1. All in all great work but what a great lead line you wrote ."In hopes one day games will fall to rest and waiting wil be worth the torment of waking alone". xo xo

  2. Thank you friend <3, I really feel like this right now and I really do hope one day games will end and life will start xxx