Saturday, December 8, 2012

Potful of fears

I sit and wonder why
I protect the one who
finds pleasure in the
pain of another.Words
of love when conflict-ions
are figured out sends
me spiraling between
love, hate and doubt.

A mind that wants
one thing finds his
own weakness within
a life driven for yet
another. Tales of "I
have to do what needs
to be done no matter
the cost to me" is only
understood in the reflection
of his own mirror.

Alone within his thoughts
and being, he persistently
stays where he wishes to
leave. Words of his own
loneliness takes me off of
guard, for he has no idea
what is felt on the other

Thoughts that all is well
in a world where others
feel compelled to stay,for
reason yet to be answered.
Life spent in fear of another
finds us to dwell where we
wish to discover. Old fears
of lost battles years ago,new
fears find the other now
ready to let true love go!

Life waits for no one,one
day all hope will again be
gone. Reflections of the
hearts face undecided pain,
fear drives all courage away.
Find what haunts the nights
into tormented sleep, live
life they way that has always
been dreamed. 

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