Thursday, January 10, 2013


Purity embraces empathy
in the solitude of tomorrows
grace. Fortune teller finds
roads untraveled, branched
off two stray.

Judge is that who understands
conflict-ions of yesterday, in
the mist cries the in-slaved.
Poison's of worry fondle the
core of living freely.

Rectifying past pains through
slaved memories bound for
ending lines written in stone.
Labels hold barriers forever
in the still, steps forward finds
peace spilled.

Conquest for new beginning
in the horizon, those who
matter never to be gone.
New fences to be crossed
in a life of obstacles, voices
of opportunity knocks on
the door at eternity beckon.

Burned wings turn to ash,
sprouting new that shall
ever-last the walk of life.
Clearer the picture comes
into focus, invisible are
words un-spoken.

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