Sunday, January 20, 2013

Suffered enlightenment

Suffers blindly, hands of
resurrection persistently
glides over hopelessness.
Enlightenment finds mind
in fearful stance waiting
patiently for hollowed

Dark consumes the being
behind fear like needles
pricking quick and pore.
Life bleeding within
covers thoughts of doubt
and dreams.

Breaking free rushes all
to the side of negativity,
crashing down walls set
with the hands of torment
finds peace within.

Time spent means more
than nothing when done
for something more than
hopeless scenes of wish

Mirror reflects cracked
and given in, soul finds
strength where none is
given. Traces of doubt
left unbidden, mind set
to do what chances have
been given.

Suffered are the feared
chances left behind as
protection shields of
mercy. Time goes on
in stilled footprints of
later, life waits for nobody!

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