Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Unbalanced truths

Crushed among the division
of wanted and needed, crosses
expected to be carried where
life wishes to be lived freely.

Persecuted knowledge unknown,
fear of denial plays drum band
in the bleachers of the unsettled.
Shacks are those who sees picture
in full, never to be thought of in
times past.

Follies forfeit games of pleasure,
life finds standstills over mountaintops
to be left unguarded. Truth of selfishness
cannot be ignored, when decisions
are brought forward.

Another's life easily to take place,
of uprooted pardons biding time
and face. Fear driven domination
of those who do not care, reeks
priority where there is none to

Doing what is always commanded,
until time follows where truth is
demanded! Doing what has to be
done no matter what the consequences
are to you, never runs deeper than
what you believe in your deepest
mind to be true.

Find shadows where once lain
human, once again regret will
find you. All the pleasures that
money can buy, will never cover
up what you let slip by.

Phone rings not when in your
heaven, I have proven I am
still yet the stronger! But when
night falls and ears are closed,
it is in my mind you are to dispose!

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