Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A thank you note to those who have made me who I am

WOWZA, I was just doing homework and realized that after this week I only have two weeks of school left. Here is a tidbit that not many know about me. When I was a child I had a seizure, hindering me to be in special ed all of my school years. When I graduated high school I started college at Marshall and quit because I was made to believe I was not going to be able to complete college because of my past education, and I was wrapped up in a relationship that I let rule my life. For the next fifteen years I talked a lot about going back to school but never did because the special ed thing was always thrown in my face. At thirty three I left my marriage that was keeping me stead still in going no where and went back to school. I went back for two reasons, one to better myself in hopes that myself and my babies would have a brighter future, and second to prove everyone who said I could not do it wrong! Well I proved everyone wrong, I have passed every class with an A or B except for two classes that was a C,, "math sucks" LOL,, So to a brighter future and then of course proving everyone including myself wrong! Thank you to my parents whom I never meant until I was 14, thank you to the man who made me test my fears of failure and talked me into going back to school "to prove everyone wrong, including myself", THANK YOU TO MY GIRLS who has had to hear me cry myself through some of the hardest tests in life I have ever been giving, thank you to my two best friends, one one each side of my house hahahhahha LOVE YOU ALL! A New Beginning is indeed better than an old ending

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