Monday, February 11, 2013

Future tales

Soulfully bound to walk
the dreams of a lovers mind.
Heart craves promises set
forth for the future we so
often wish to stray. Finding
thoughts in the arms of the
destined to be. Believing
love no longer deceived.

Love song shared through
the windows of hope. A
gentle kiss waits upon the
lips of tomorrows promise.
Belief in the words so often
found upon an angels lips
of truths.

Life held at bay, chores done
at his beckoning. Life begins
with he. A mere hopeless
romantic searching for all
that has been lost, in the
thoughts of another.

Promises find shelter
where they wish freedom
to grace. Lost in my own
doubts when his words
do not ring true.

Don't tell me you love
what has never been
felt upon, for you say
the words that you know
my heart craves from
far away. Your voice
I only hear when time
finds you in need!

Promises made by the
words of your own
selfish desire, playing
the part of man when
a child's game of fire
burns brightly in paths
to far to cross.

A dance never felt, a
dream never to be lived,
until the day I find truth
in the words you so easily
breathe. Doubts find me
heartbroken, when seen
not, is the tales spoken.

I wait for verification,
satisfaction in the promise
that you are not playing
with a heart that has already
lived to much pain!

Soulfully bound to walk,
the promises of a lovers
talk. Soulfully believing
in another's deceit.

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