Monday, April 29, 2013

Grief upon a star

You shall do what you believe
shall be done but within the words
hurt is always found. A caress that
not the hands of love is forgotten
and stowed away where not wanted. 

Lost hope pierces the boundaries
of always wished, laying low life
finds no bliss. Unhappiness is
felt where others stand, determination
for what is not wished holds all
in a trance.

Skies point to everlasting love
and cherishing, moon strikes 
out when all is in fear. Time 
is lost as dreams are borrowed,
the ending comes and all is

My heart grieves as tears find
no release, for life was not
supposed to be lived in a time
of grief. I shake and rock asking
God why, tokens are granted to
those who deserve none.

Watching life so easily drained,
kills my soul to forever be slain. 
Cares not of what has to be, for 
your heart is all that the other 
needs, to forever live peacefully.

For what needs to be done has
never been cared, no excuses 
should leave the beauty of hearts
bare! Wish upon a star so bright,
all is lost when one is scared to

True love is always in the shadows,
tormenting the soul who is to forever
feel battered. Feel the whisper so 
softly spoken, for completion and
love shall always be the token!  

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