Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Desperation forces decisions
to be conceived even in regret.
Eyes beg answers in the silence
of knowing thoughts spoken to the

Lonesome comfort finds him
alone in new normality. Mind
determined to make work where
never belonged. Moving along
in life breathes jealousy where
could have been, has always lain.

Two corners chosen, four dream-t
about in desperate dreams of wish
me not's. Blood boils under heartfelt
tears, begging for what has always
been to stay silently near. Careless
whisper leaves doubt where peace
deserves to rest freely.

Torment hushes words of want,
where fear walks a destitute life
a broad. Blindly seeking the never
could be, life starts when one is
finally able to see what hides
behind the mask of deceit.

All shall beg for complete
satisfaction and hearts desire.
None shall find peace of mind,
when forcing life to give all
where none is desired!

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