Friday, April 26, 2013

What chases you down that road of desperation? The road that holds legs still with a racing heart on the sleeve of fear. What carriers your mind back into the darkness where only Hell's grief resides? Fear of the person you are made to believe you should be? Knowing you can never be anything that you are not? The recklessness of already throwing the person you are away to please those that surround you even though you are wilting more and more everyday for their own selfish pleasures. What runs wild within the thoughts that can never be pushed away or forgotten, lost time that can never be replaced or forgiven? The heat of the sun touches your face, beckoning you to enjoy the pleasures that life offers you everyday but it is only the chill of your own self doubts that is felt upon the flesh of non-living. You take that breath that your body gracefully allows but yet you feel like your dreams were buried time and time again with every regretful step taken forwards in life. For you life runs backwards and the belief that life will always be here and time will always be spared plays on your mind. You realize that life is not to be played with, it can take you at any given time and finally everything is lost and can never be again. You take time to see what is right in front of you, that you neglectfully forgot about while racing down dead end streets. You recognize your demons for what they are, your own hidden miseries that have swallowed the person that once was and replaced it with one that hides like a coward waiting for the beckoning of others to lead your way. You realize that you were given life and it was always meant to be lived to the fullest! Everything that had always been taken for granted slowly starts to fall from your grasp. The lines on your face has proven that we cannot stop time in its tracks and all the wishes we solely make can never turn time back to once beautifier days. With all of these thoughts running rapidly in your mind you look up at the mirror and see yourself clearer than you ever have, a tear falls from your reddened eyes and the taste of salt lingers on your dampened lips. You realize you may not be as young as you once were but you were not dead either and life had a thousand unknown beauties waiting for you on the other side, the side of you that fear did not reside, the side of you that wanted to live life to the fullest, the side that would not be hidden any longer for the selfish pleasures of others. The side of you that wanted to live in the freedom of what only your mind can give! The moral of the story, never give up the person that you were put on earth to be in order to live the life of someone not even you can recognize in the mirror. Time stands still for no one, life takes us when it is ready and nothing we do can change that. We can only hope that when we are gone we have left a part of ourselves behind that will be missed by many but never all. Enjoy the odds that are given today, the hardships that we all have to face in order to live, the happiness that is found on the other side of who you truly are!       

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