Friday, May 24, 2013

Crimson tides of red

Crimson tides of red,
bloodied veins of impurity
run dry among the dead.
Echoed words fall upon
ears of the deaf, heartbeat
found shallowly amiss.

Devil plays in the back
of my mind, here for
now gone tomorrow.
All is lost when living
in sorrow!

Mirror reflects hidden
scars of beaten down!
Looking upon skin
nothing is found.

Reaching for the stars
on bent knees, dreams
are lost within the mind
of negativity. Tomorrow
finds restlessness moving
in all directions.

Demon plays the role in tormented
mind, condescending all else.
Light is given where never
seen before, beyond the stars
is found so much more.

Peace is granted as dreams find
new ground, crimson tides of
red no longer can I find!

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