Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I just want to say thank you to all of my faithful viewers. You all are great and I was so excited to see Hearts and Souls blogspot hit 10,000 views today and up to 68 followers. I would love for you all to come and check out my new website also. I didn't feel the need to pay someone to build it or host it for me sooo it took about a week to get done LOL. With over 500 views a day I think it is doing pretty well and climbing. You can find out more about me there! There is also updates on my upcoming novel and hmmm may see something there not expected "like the real author behind Sinfully Alive black poet". Every week I will be doing interviews with other authors as well so if you are an author and or book designer etc leave me a message and we can get you a spot also. Other than that have a beautiful day and never forget "If you have to hide the person you are within then you are not where you should be in life". x 

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