Saturday, June 15, 2013

A peak into "Sinfully Becoming"

I dressed that night with plenty of care. I made sure my makeup hid my age and the person who was under it. I was now wearing a mask of forbidden, a mask of hate and rebellion. The high heeled boots were the hardest to get use to and I could not understand why a woman would pay so much for something that I knew would be killing my feet before the nights end. I had to admit though I was hot tonight! Who would have ever thought that I could pull this off? 

I left the house right after dark so I could stake out areas that I could hide or take back home without being seen. The good thing about the city was there were plenty of those around. It did not take long to get a whistle from the most disgusting man I had ever laid eyes on. He looked like he had not showered in some time and wore clothes that were just as filthy. I washed the distaste off of my face before walking up to him with batting eyelashes.

Hey there hunni, you wouldn't have a light that I could use would you? “I purred in my sweetest tone”

Well honey I have a lot of things you could use if you wanted “the filthy beast sneered”

A light would be sufficient for now “I winked” as he walked closer to me.

The closer he walked toward me the more I could smell liquor and smoke on his clothing. He smelled as bad as he looked and I could feel the bile rise in my throat. I took in a deep breath before he got any closer to me.

He innocently handed me the lighter and I lighted up my cigarette, I was not a smoker so the air I gulped in before he walked closer to me let out as I started coughing for fresh air. I should have thought this through more apparently but it was too late now so I had to play it off as a joke. “OOPS I only smoke when I drink, I kidded with him”

Well I may be inclined to help a hottie like you with that also “he flirted”

I had to change the subject before I found myself on a drunk with this filthy scoundrel! What’s your name there friend “I asked sweetly?”

You can just call me Lucas he said “with a toothless smile” and what would be your name hottie?

Sin, why of course “Adding a playful wink I replied”

He started laughing and his gut was rolling like some obscene circus show for the misplaced. I had to move my eyes back to his face so he would not see the distaste written on my face. He was starting to drink more heavily now that he knew I was not leaving any time soon. It was now or ever to start digging for the information that I had come for.

I sat down on the steps that he was sitting on before I showed up and looked around like I was amazed at the homes in the area. “So much for people keeping up their yards and trash these days huh!” 

Well now Sin not everyone thinks this is such a bad area, with the gangs around they kind of stay hidden in their homes like a bunch of fearful children “he smirked”

I looked at him with wide eyes trying to portray shock at the mention of gangs being in the area. I took my arms and covered my breast with them acting like I was now scared of what could happen outside in the night. “Will we be okay sitting here like ducks waiting to be shot out of the sky?” I asked in my most fearful voice.

“You stick by me and you will be fine hottie” He stated in a reassuring tone

I smiled up at him acting like I felt reassured now and safe. “So what is the big deal anyway? Why does everyone fear these gangs? I asked

The truth is not all the gangs are feared or even bad! Some of the gangs try to protect the community but we all are looked down on. I am a part of the Vikings but we are not thieves and murderers like the Lucifer’s gang! We use to try and help people but as you can tell by the way I look no one wanted our help! He looked down at his feet so he could break eye contact with me!

“Why would your appearances matter if you want to help? I asked quietly

Same reason you looked down on me Sin!

Well I will admit that I did when I first walked up on you! Why do you keep this appearance if it bothers people and from all accounts of your face it also bothers you? “I mean you seem to be nice enough for now” I giggled

I have given up on life just as these people have given up on their homes! My family was slaughtered for just having the persona of happiness! That gang feeds on fear and torture! I have not always looked like this and I own a very nice home in the mountains that I rent out. I walk the streets trying to keep an eye out for woman and children who are too stupid to stay indoors after the sun goes down, like you! You have no business out here this time of night Sin and you had best remember that! 

I turned my face away from him so he would not see that my face had gone white. How many families had to be torn apart before the police would step in and why had they not told me that more families than mine had been murdered! My mind was racing in circles now, could I trust him to tell him who I really was? I think for now I will not trust anyone! 

“Thank you for the light Lucas!” I think it is time for me to go home now and think about your warnings! First though can you point me in the direction that I do NOT want to go, just for safety? 

He pointed to the left of us; I could see the hate in his eyes as he done so!

“Thank you and maybe I will see you again sometime” I said in a sincere voice

“That would be nice” He replied

I started walking back the way that I had come thinking of all the fear this community felt. I was having a hard time understanding why these people did not stand up for what was theirs and fight back. I had not gone far when I heard Lucas yell out for me so I partly turned to face him in a questioning stare “yes?”

Do me a favor Sin!


Next time you decide to ask a stranger for a light to light up a cigarette just to make conversation to find out information, hold the smoke in your mouth and do not try to inhale it! You suck at it, maybe you should think of a better conversation starter tomorrow night when you go where I pacifically said not to go! He winked as he turned the other way and walked back into the apartment building. 

I was dumbfounded and had to let out a giggle, this time a real one! I walked home with many thoughts crossing my mind!

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