Tuesday, June 4, 2013

angel dust

Far away eyes seeking
angels wings of guidance.

Missed child's heart
reunited with his fathers

Gates opened allowing
forever peace to shine
upon the face of death.

Smiles shared with
those lost and missed.
Waiting patiently for
the day all will be
once again in his mist.

Treasures of shared
time with family and
friends are the only
things he takes with

Hourglass finally
finding end to the
sand,tears of sorrow
spared to no man.

Anger builds up
in the minds of
the left behind.

Questions of why
never to be answered
among the lost who
denies his empty
stool that once was
his mansion.

Observer of all,
glue that held
tight,the family
when all was lost
in the night.

Felt emptiness in
salt teared water,
life no longer waits
for tomorrow.

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