Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bluntness is always the best medicine

In today's world so many people are worried about being lonely that they take who they can and just run with it, what happens though when they run into a wall? There is no such thing as being in a relationship if the couple is not honest with each other. If you are not a whole with your mate then you are not in a real relationship. If you have to give up the person that you are and put on a mask of  what your mates wishes you to be. then you are not their true mate. If you have to set yourself up to be a failure in who you were meant to be then they do not deserve who you really are, it is them with the problem not you! If words are at the tip of your tongue and wishes are in the backseat to the life that you live then you are not really with the person that you should be with. You see relationships are two people who want to share a life of completeness, same dreams and likes are indeed the biggest part of a real relationship. You cannot profess to be in a relationship if only part of you is excepted, there is no such thing. Not only are you hurting yourself but you will end up hurting the other person who does not except you. Anyone with half a brain can tell if you are giving your all, the problem is when that is not allowed. What do you do in that dilemma? You take what little bit of confidence in yourself that is left and pick up the pieces that you left behind, that is all that you can do. If you stay in a fake relationship as only part a person you only have yourself to blame, not the person who forces you to be their carved out puppet! When you feel the freedom of being who you are and the excitement of you being good enough and excepted for who you are then that is a relationship. When you find no embarrassment in stating facts that make you the person that you are, then you are with the person you belong to be with. When you can shout out the words that stay in the back of your mind openly, then you have found your true love. It is always funny when you see relationship statuses and know that the people behind them have secrets that they can never trust their mate with. I will never settle for less than the right person no matter how many obstacles may arise in the relationship, a relationship should be felt within your soul. You should never have to hide who you are to your mate, that is just a destination I will never travel just to keep the other person happy as I suffer all CONSEQUENCES. I would rather be single the rest of my life than to be a phony for anyone. I started drinking a whole lot just to feel better in a relationship that I knew was not for me, the alcohol eases the heartache just enough to keep going in a game that I really deep down did not want to be in. Alcohol makes everything better for just a moment, it helps you fall asleep in hopes that dreams will not haunt you throughout the night. The problem is they will always haunt you and regrets for having to play a role will always follow you! I want to be excepted and loved for who I am, not for who my mate wishes me to be. If they do not love every single fiber of your being then they DO NOT love you at all, they selfishly only love themselves and they will never change. Be who you are today, because tomorrow is never guaranteed! x

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