Sunday, June 9, 2013

Careless deeds

Reflections shadowed from
blank mirror, staring at
what does not exist for
peace has never found

Following through with
what is needed, never 
understanding who I am.
Living for everyone else,
putting myself upon a

Depression sets such high
hopes, like tying knots
in hangman's rope. Veins 
ache for warmth of red, 
when all is hopelessly 
coming to an end!

Careless deeds never seen,
when mind plays hide and
seek. Throat  tightens leaving
air behind, when thoughts of
life are not there to find.

Told you so's weight heavily
on chest, never hearing the
words but knowing what is
missed. Tranquilizer found
in poisoned liquid, sleep to
come when body is frozen
and amiss.   

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