Sunday, June 30, 2013

For all of you kindle lovers :)

Five Year Old Death is now out on kindle created by the company Blue Harvest Creative. I am so excited about this E-BOOK because it is as beautiful as the paperback book version and I had no idea until now that an E-BOOK could look so much like the paperback books. This was not the easiest book to write but it has been the most rewarding one that I have written. No matter what life gives you there is hope to find a peace within yourself even at the lowest times of your life. I have found that life is not all that I hoped it to be but it is all that God intended it to be and he believes that  I can make it better so I will do all that I can to make that so. As a victim of child abuse I allowed myself to walk many roads that I may not have walked if I had not come from the background that I came from but I have lived and learned through it all and I am more understanding of what life has to offer even if it is not lived to the fullest of our expectations. Five Year Old Death is a book that proves no matter what life does go on and can be lived to the fullest if you allow it to. Child and spousal abuse does not hold you back, you hold yourself back. These are not reasons to make your loved ones suffer when you profess you cannot love to the fullest, that is all BS so do not allow anyone to make you believe that their past is reason for their behavior in the here and now. It is all for pity trips, you control you! You are deserving of a brighter future no matter what the past has held, you are beautiful and can reach the stars in your own way. Please check out the E-BOOK and tell me what you think! Thank you to all of my followers and always remember "If you have the strength to stay, you have the power to leave"! 


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