Saturday, July 6, 2013

A re-post of a poem that is almost a year old, thought it would be enlightening!

Crimson red formed
tears of goodbye falls
heavily upon my thoughts.
Falling tides of yesterday
found among the road
of done and escaped.

Lost time finds no
patience any longer
within this heart of
grief. Your sorrowful
words only you can
change, no longer do
I wait.

Love gracefully found
where only I sit, lonesomeness
finds you bitterly wishing
comfort zones felt what
you wished.Your choice
always leaves you fighting

False feelings hold you
tightly at bay, no love lost
where some feels differently
than what is needed. I hold
no cross on meadows of
tomorrow, I have suffered
enough waiting through
my own sorrow.

Fear consumes me in
what may be, lonesomeness
though carries me away
from nothing changing.
I hold the power of what
love shall be, you hold fear
for what is not understood.

Debts unpaid invisible to
everyone's eyes, your depression
to some can never be disguised.
Play the role of perfect peace,
covered with smiles that find
no quality.

I am through waiting for
tomorrow, I no longer sit
and wait putting life on
hold. I am to always stop
living life when you take
over boldly telling me I
am the one. Sitting here
alone waiting on life to
ring through grabbing my
heart like only you can

I refuse to sit and watch
you swallow poisons of
grief. Through the bottle
you find your only relief.
Connection always to
feel your pain, one day
maybe you will fall where
you profess complete

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