Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bloodied cushions 11/1/12

reluctantly I take
one step forward and
three backwards.I am
consumed with a fever
of lost and giving
up all that bloodied
fingers and mind has
fought-en for.

Fake smiles find me
hidden in the corners
of no more.A laugh to
share,myself keeping
score no more.Trying
to please everyone,I
am forgotten among
their fun.

Work for nothing,feel
empty within the walls
of what once was home.
Blatantly satisfied
with the knowledge I
just could care less,
failed another test
of the days of our

Tricked for just a
second into believing
that life may be
better than before,
teased into thinking
things will change.
Maybe I am the one
to always blame,it
helps those who need
a cushion to fall
upon disregarding
the part that they
have played.

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