Thursday, July 11, 2013


I am broken!
I have felt the pangs of Satan's touch since day one.

The rape of the human body suffers all
when sent from hell
for the gain of a mans pleasurable lust!

Some find they were never meant to be "happy"
Some come to realize that life was never meant to be,
for they were forsaken from the beginning of time.

Laughed upon from the cradle, their story written in
black ink they were always meant to sink and feel the
pains of agony!

Suffers much are those deserving of nothing.

I am broken!
I am broken because I was never meant to feel the touch of Gods grace!

The torments of the mind was spoken before life found fruit in my making.
There are stories told that you suffer what you reaped from a life before.

I must have been worth nothing from the beginning of time!

You see in life you come to realize and understand after so many rapes
of the body and heart that you were meant to live in the dark,
you were meant to feel nothing but the agonies of suffering!

You give your trust hoping and praying that games are gone and lost,
but it is laughed away in your face as you once again find out you
were worth nothing but what the fruit of lust can bring!

I gave my all, helping those who had everything from the beginning!
I have fed the elderly who had nothing in their pantry!

I have held the abused and taken in the raped, giving love where
I myself have never found anything but pain! I have done what I could,
I have tried to love with a heart that has yet to feel anything but greed
on my body with a bruised face.

I am so lost, I am so filled with the hate that all who have walked
in my life has easily gave. I have felt when I should have left all
to cry in their own miseries for they never cared of what pain they
left behind.

All in the name of their own needful lust, I have been played
the hand of worthless whore and nothing else! I have given all tokens
where used to lie trust!

I just want to scream that I have learned lessons that were meant for me!
I want to say enough is enough and I can take no more!
I can take nothing less than death as my ending score!

Why do I still hurt?
Why do I still wish to feel where nothing resides in my heart any longer?
Why can I not be strong and feel nothing?
Fear nothing where all used me for satisfactions that only they can grant!

I want to go now!
I want to go I am begging and pleading!
I am done!
I am done!
Can't you hear me?
Don't you care, just this one time Satan take me where the heat will rest what must be soulless!

I am done hurting!
I am done breathing!
I want to go where all is numb!

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