Saturday, July 13, 2013

The butterfly and crow

Butterfly flutters where she is not
wanted, she is seeking the truth of
the crow. She knows all said is true
but she lives in her own little world.

Sucking the life from any living
thing, she haunts the pages where
truths are written. Can you see her?
aw yes there she is once again! Picking
through dates like she can add one by
one. She is to blind to ever succumb
so easily to what she does not want to
admit. She is even more pitiful than
me, for she still listens to the words
of the crow intently.

Nothing will keep thoughts away, you
see what has never happened yet never
shall. There is more to life! What cannot
be bought can never be taken! Life finds
two destined to be doomed, happy finds
the faces of fake and presumed. Both find
greed in their endless mistakes!

Caress what you can buy, but be assured
it is all covered in lies! Revenge comes
eye for eye, all falls down when there is
no longer an escape. Live life to the fullest,
one alone and the other knowing it is nothing
more than a means to an end!

Truth always gets the last laugh, maybe not
today. But when all lives in their own made
hell! You know the words that are scribed
are fruitful with truth. If you had not wanted
all hell to bare down on your shoulders then
you should have left well enough alone!

You will stay even when you asked the question
not so long ago, as always I lied to keep safe
what never deserved the heart of the one who
has loved him more than you could ever. Throw
your money, throw it high, for it is all that
catches the crows eye!

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