Sunday, July 28, 2013


I held it out
full of life
giving away what was the easiest to cut
blades found the mark
patiently waiting in the dark
preparing for the perfect time
to slaughter carelessly what they do not have
or understand

Watching it beat
so powerfully and free
with a touch it races
unaware it craves the touch of the masked man
greedily hungry for what is only a trick
devouring love that was never shown
relishing the lost soul
that played games so well

Handing it to him
ready for him to take what has been under lock and key
bounded by the beauty of his eyes
finally trusting
never seeing under his disguise
believing in a heart
that does not beat
or feel
anything but need
to uplift himself where pedestals could go no higher

He takes it
with a death grip
uses the mask of hidden
telling you that you can trust him
as he laughs within himself
in waiting for the unexpected

One hand holds your heart
the other a double edged blade
all is false
the game is coming to an end
gripping them both tighter
he uses the last of your resistance
cutting you to the bone first
he then makes the last attempt
one side of the blade cuts through your heart
the other slicing your soul
sending it to hell
he laughs
glorifying in the truth of his untold

He has done his deed
a will he had set long ago into place
tears are not seen
within the heart that is left to bleed
knees covered in mud
all has left the body of the unaware
dark shadows fill the now empty
she was just his pawn in a game of chess
with his double edged blade
he took his last turn
ending his game with checkmate
leaving all to burn

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