Saturday, July 13, 2013



Seek what is absorbed in
the mind of pessimistic!
All situations bleakly dejected!
Fruits souring as they course
their poison of death into the
veins of the living, believing,

Internally damned!

What is unfathomable finds one
to dwell unsoundly! Eating away
all comprehension of living life.
Allies infiltrate from the gates of
hell finding peace from the distant
and mysterious.

Find an opening into the abyss
of immortality, penetrating lust
with the scent of a kiss. Carrying
away inner being with the thought
of a mournful touch.

Relinquishing all feelings into the
hands of the unfeeling. Showering
unfortunate tales to the deaf! Crying
the tears of blood onto the shoulders
of numb and dense.

Interpenetrating gloom into already
shattered nerves. Thoughtlessness
begs no pardon when played by the
Devil in his own garden!

Invisible words never fully understood!
Tricks of the mind played successfully!
Coward among all else, no words ring
true when sputtered by the selfish!

Go now and play in the garden of a
bottomless soul! Go live the life of
scheming, cunning and shrewd. For
you have been very artful and clever
in your endeavors righteously, so you
may think.

You were right! I have learned much
from the Devil in disguise. As you said
I will not always be backwards and shy!
Now I am nothing more than a knowledgeable
woman waiting for her demise!


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